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Unit Stat Compilation Memo
    The purpose of the compilation of these stats for each and every unit was to give everyone (People new to the         

game and those of us who have been playing it for some time now) access to the actuall data from game-play.  

Anyone can read the data in front of them and/or regurgetate the same, but incase none of you noticed...The

Damage stat listed in the unit production window for example is not the actual damage that unit/weapon

combination inflicts on an enemy unit.  As well as the fact that a unit may inflict heavy damage with each hit,

but can only fire at a very slow rate whereas another unit/weapon combination may not inflict as much damage

upon each hit but score many more hits in a set period of time.  I've done simple evaluations (although

extremely time consuming) and also developed equations to determine exact coeffincients.  Coefficients

designed to better represent a Units capabilities (i.e. Firepower)  The intent was for all to be able to form better

strategies, better counter strategies, and better counters to those counters....etc.  It is my hope that this is

helpful if not extremely informative.   With all that said; I have to give credit where it's due: Special thanks to  

"Chip" at Earth/TMP TAMEC, "ICEMAN" at Earth-Orbiter,"Juxtapose" for the

idea, likewise to "MojoShivers". And  "Saboteur" for some pics.  Sincere thanks to all those at the

Forum and fellow gamers on the ZONE for your moral support. (If I've missed anyone let me know.)  

FoG    :-)

F.o.G.    :-)