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Deffinition of Terms

 Abbreviation                  Meaning                                                            Brief Description

 Hit Points
Amount of "Life" a Unit has  (A number representing how much damage a unit can take before being destroyed.)
Amount of armore a Unit carries...(i.e.  25%, 50%, 75%)
 Shield capability
Various, or single shield capacities for a unit.
 Production Time
Time required for unit to be constructed and exit production facility.
 Production Cost
Ammount of credits required to Produce a Unit.
 Research Cost
Ammount of credits required to complete research
 Research Time
Time required to complete Research of an item.
 Damage per Hit
Damage done to "0" Armor unit with each hit.   * Denotes  that Shields are not factored by the weapon.  U Denotes that Armor is not factored.
 Firing Rate
The rate at which a unit can fire consecutively.
 Sustain Fire
How long a unit can maintain a rate of fire without reloading.
 Damage Coefficient
A decimal equation to better represent a units firepower.(FR*D/H)
Longest Range that a weapon is able to fire from. (Unit with NO experience)
Rate of movement.
 Target Acquisition Time
Time required for unit to acquire a target 180 degrees from present and fire.
 Overall Unit Efficiency
Represents overall STRENGTH of Unit.  Factors: (DC,SF,RNG,SPD,Armor, & Shield capability.)
 Most Powerful Combination
Combination of weapons/weapon-mounts that produces the highest DC possible for a unit.  (Shield Damage+Armor Damage)